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Modjo is the first European performance platform that drives collective success.

It is a team performance and training tool that helps you exceed your goals. The product is a speach-to-text intelligence platform that centralizes, analyzes all external calls and videos of your customer-facing representatives, then enables you to find, comment & share your most valuable insights. It allows you to turn your best-practices into scalable teams actions.

Sales representatives and account managers can exactly meet their clients needs - and train themselves to become better at their jobs. Marketing teams deliver more relevant messages. Product teams build better products.

Modjo’s vision is to power the long-term success of European companies of all sizes by unveiling their customer reality. It is a fastly growing team of 50+, helping more than 200 clients like BackMarket, Doctolib, Swile, 360learning in France and abroad 🌎

We are a product company. This means that our product is the core of what we are doing and how we are creating value to customers. Therefore, the success of the company is relying on the capacity of its Tech & Product teams to deliver together the best product to its users.

Filières et mastères spécialisés

Image : traitement et interprétation d’images (IMA)

Sciences des données : exploration de grands volumes de données (SD)

Mathématiques, informatique théorique et recherche opérationnelle (MITRO)

Grandes Infrastructures Numériques (GIN)

Réseaux mobiles et Internet des objets (RIO)

Sécurité des réseaux et infrastructures informatiques : cybersécurité (SR2I)

Télécommunications : technologies des réseaux de communication (TELECOM)

3D et systèmes interactifs : interaction homme-machine et informatique graphique 3D (IGR)

Systèmes et logiciels répartis (SLR)

MS Big Data

MS Conception, Architecture de réseaux et Cybersécurité

MS Concepteur de Projet Digital

MS Cybersécurité et Cyberdéfense

MS Intelligence Artificielle

MS Innovation et Entrepreneuriat

MS Architecte Réseaux et Cybersécurité

MS Architecte Digital d’Entreprise

MS Management des Systèmes d’Information en réseaux

Secteur d'activité
Services informatiques ou développement logiciel

Nombre d'employés

Salaire annuel moyen à l'embauche d'un diplomé de l'école

Description du profil recherché
We are looking for top junior tech profiles to either join our software engineering team or data team. We are open to 6-months end of study internships and full-time positions (ex: CDI).

We are looking for passionate people who share the following values:
> Ownership: act as if you were CEO. Reliability on your scope is key. You always strive to do your best. We count on each other and believe in each other to succeed.
> Boldness: your ambition sets you apart. You set high standards, are not afraid to try new things and take risks.
> Team Spirit: we strive to improve together. You are taking part in a long-term team vision. Curiosity, humility and the ability to give constructive challenges are key to a culture of excellence and care.
> Fun & Serious: unbeatable team when well applied. We love a good laugh.

Nombre de stages de 1 mois disponibles

Nombre de stages de 6 mois disponibles

Nombre d'alternances disponibles

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